Visiting Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most exotic islands, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It won’t be wrong if we would take the liberty of saying that it is one of the most beautiful islands which is there on the planet perhaps offering a godly experience to those who don’t believe in god, the expanse and the scenic beauty is so powerful and invigorating that it has the audacious capacity to turn atheists into believers. These are some reasons which justify that why one must travel to Mallorca or to be a little modest; places like Mallorca. To visit this somewhat cinematic place you can easily buy cheap flight tickets from any online travel agency.

To continue further we can say that Mallorca also is a culturally rich place to be in and it is a blissful place to discover offering its richness in a certain sense and the process of exploration can be fun and spiritually much powerful on this island. Mallorca has got some of the most heart wrenching beaches, the most dramatically cinematic views and are the reasons that why you must go there at least once in your life time.

The Mediterranean Factor

It is another thing to sit at your home and watch lifestyle channels and see the celebrated chefs preparing some exotic dishes and then savouring them on one of the exotic beaches or some outside destination with a bunch of their friends and it is completely another thing to experience it yourself on first hand basis. Yes that is what we mean by the Mediterranean factor here. Experience the delight of sitting on a beach and actually eating your favourite dishes with your loved ones.

Sense of Adventure

Those who seek adventure in their lives and for whom adventure is a part of their being, visiting Mallorca becomes a highly imperative place to be in and what the funny thing is that it does so by default, in a way. You get to build camps with friends and jump from the high rocks and when you are tired, lie down on the soft grass and see the absolutely mesmerizing starlit sky and engulf your being in a sense of wonder and imagination. And what’s more is the fact that seeing the light fog/mist engulfing the mountains on a bright morning gives you goose bumps owing to the terrific beauty of that place. When the sun rises, its reflection getting reflected in the mirror image of the vast ocean makes it all the more enchanting and lively.

So if you want to experience something which is timeless yet it is a part of this ”great manufacturer” to put it into the words of Charles Dickens and which is out of this world yet belong to it in a ravishing way, then visiting Mallorca becomes a must.
Now the question arises that when you actually do visit the island of Mallorca you would find yourself in a state of utter confusion: where to begin from? Don’t worry about that. Read on.

Palma Cathedral- Palma Cathedral is one of the must visit places if you ever go to visit Mallorca. The church adds up to the cultural aspect of the islands of Mallorca.
The Road To Sa Calobra – The road to sa calobra is a delight to watch and seeing it one must think that how magnificent it would feel to drive on the smooth sunny and warm tarmac of the place. It’s enough to give you a chill in the spine. Imagine how it would feel to drive a Porsche or perhaps another super car on it. However, you won’t be able to speed up much owing to its zig-zag shape.

Platja des Coll Baix – It is one of the most fantastic beaches which is there on our planet. What more can be said in appreciation of this absolutely beautiful beach. So, if you have a sense of wonder and want to feel the warm sand beneath your body and the process of same sand getting cold with the passing of the day and dawning of the night under the immense sky, visit Platja des Coll Baix. Book your flights and make your reservations online. Go search, discover, find.


Peru: Board Sports Paradise

Peru is most famously associated with the iconic ruins of Machu Pichu, llamas and being the land where they eat guinea pigs. What people don’t associate Peru with? Board sports. Due to its diverse geographical features, Peru can offer board sports enthusiasts amazing opportunities for surfing and sandboarding. Here are two of the best places in the country to try out these sports.

Lima, the capital, is known as being one of the top surf spots in the world. However, the waters there are cold and the skies usually grey due to the humidity. Head to the north of Peru and you will find the small town of Mancora, only a couple of hundred kilometres from the equator. Miles of sandy beaches, waves from the Pacific and the kind of warm water that you just dive straight into without worrying about the temperature makes it the perfect hotspot for surfing. The centre of the town is full of cheap surf hire and schools along the beach, so you will find surfers of all ages and experience in the water. Despite the beautiful waters and beaches, this small town isn’t too well known to the public, so you don’t have to worry about overcrowded beaches or not finding that sweet surf spot. Don’t worry if surfing isn’t your thing though, cause Mancora is also a wonderful place for kitesurfing and paddle boarding.

When most people think of Peru, the last thing that comes to mind is sandy desserts which is exactly what you will find in the region of Ica. Here you will see sand dunes as far as the eye can see so there is no better place in Peru for sand boarding. There are plenty of places to hire sand buggy tours for cheap, which will take you into the desert for hours of sandboarding fun. There is even a resort called ‘Las Dunas’ which has a sand dune within its grounds, so guests can grab a board after their breakfast and go shred on some dunes. If you’re a real adrenaline junkie, head over to Cerro Blanco, the tallest sand dune in the world, measuring in at 1776 metres from base to summit. Since the sand buggies can’t reach the top, you better start your journey early in the morning if you want to avoid the blistering heat on the 3-hour ascent.

Surfing and sandboarding. One involves shredding waves and the other carving down sand dunes. So if you love board sports, head on down to Peru where you can do both of these amazing sports. What are you waiting for?


The Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett National Park

What Is The Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett National Park? Find Out:

Spread over finished delightful ranges of Pauri Garhwal, Almora and Nainital of Uttarakhand state in India, Jim Corbett National Park is an expansive and engaging site and is among the most established stops in India. This stop is for the most part perceived for Project Tiger which is a venture on India’s imperiled Bengal tiger. Along these lines, it is not only a recreation center, but rather a major and eminent tiger save also which covers a zone of 1318.54 in which 520 sq. km is the fundamental region and remaining part is support region. The recreation center is named after Col. Jim Corbett since 1956.

Along these lines, the visit to Jim Corbett National Park is really huge and life-changing. It stays open from the mid of November to the mid of June months. Be that as it may, there is a Jhirna zone in the recreation center that remaining parts open for entire year long. The renowned Birjani zone of this stop respects the guests from mid of October to mid of June months and Dhikala zone enables guests to visit inside from November 15 to mid of June. Amid storm period, the street of Dhikala and Birjani zones escape. In addition, after the dusk, the doors of the recreation center get finished and no drive off is permitted that time.

Right Season to Plan Your Visit to Jim Corbett National Park

Winter Season – Within October to February

In winter season or a time of October to February, you will discover this stop a genuine homestead delightful and concealed feathered creatures. Along these lines, for birding, this is the most spellbinding period as right now, you will meet inconspicuous assortment of winged creatures there. Other than winged creatures, you can locate superb Bengal tiger meandering around the recreation center in the winter season. Along these lines, there are high opportunities to have a characteristic sight of imperiled tiger at that point. Generally around evening time, the temperature of this stop goes down to 5 degree Celsius. In any case, the day time is very soothing and wonderful. In the day time, creatures turned out for lazing around in sun; so you can spot them effectively there.

Rainstorm – During July to September Months

Despite the fact that the rainstorm season is not that engaging time for guests to come over Jim Corbett National Park, yet we recommend you to visit amid this time on the off chance that you don’t incline toward going by this site in swarm. In this season, for the most part the group gets declined. In this way, we should state that it is a perfect season to have astonishing trekking knowledge. Around then, the general climate has an engaging emanation as the temperature drops. It is said that in stormy season, the creatures make the most of their mating time. Along these lines, voyagers can get involvement of this minute too. In spite of the fact that we ought not neglect to say that meeting this season goes with an incredible danger of avalanches and soil disintegration. Consequently, it can be a little unsafe too. In any case, the magnificence will be at its top with intriguing greenery and stunning vegetation around.

Summer Season – During March to June Months

The time from March to mid of June is called summer season in India. Amid the late spring season, the temperature remains very high. In day time, the climate turns out to be excessively hot and singing that may go up to 40 degree c. Along these lines, in this time, the creatures and different tenants of the recreation center experience the ill effects of the outrageous warmth of sun.

This season is called to be the best going to season as it enables guests to get the a large portion of the creatures occupying in the recreation center. Come amid this season here and appreciate stream boating and have an exceptional meet with imperiled creatures and winged animal species intently.


Why You Love the Golden Triangle India Tour

The Golden Triangle tour featuring the activities for someone visiting India for the first time, taking in its most well-known sites and providing the chance to learn all about old and new India. This tremendous introductory trip of India’s rich and social history explores the points of interest and sounds of the Golden Triangle Tour, including the iconic Taj Mahal.

Visit India and notice the famous Golden Triangle. Revel the perfect introduction to India’s three most popular locations – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur – explores the icons and discovers the mysteries of this charming vicinity. Experience the history of incredible forts, the richness and glory of Rajasthan’s palaces, the hustle and bustle of bazaars, and the traditions of a tradition homestay.

Why you love this trip

  • The Taj Mahal is not only a splendid masterpiece of Indian architecture but also a meaningful stop on any traveller’s journey
  • Overlooking the charming scene of Maota Lake, the grand Amber Fort is one sight that will forever be under India’s safety
  • Continuing to Jantar Mantar, a structural masterpiece displaying the science of early Indian architecture.
  • Old and New Delhi link to create a city that can pay tribute to beyond empires, while wrestling with its new identification
  • For those with limited time, long travel days are kept to a minimum, which is perfect for visiting several icons of northern India

Is this trip right for you?

  • Old Delhi can be very bustling and congested, while it’s an interesting place to see local life running around you
  • Rajasthan can reach very high temperatures in the summer. so your aim to do walking tours early in the morning when it’s cooler.
  • You visit a number of temples on this journey, which requires a certain level of humility. Please bring clothes that cover the arms and pants/skirts that go past the knees.
  • From April 2017, the central roof of the Taj Mahal will undergo mud pack therapy to recover its original colour.

The trip begins in the capital city of Delhi which offers a wealth of monuments, well-preserved relics of the colonial past and bustling markets of Old Delhi. Your next destination is the Pink City of Jaipur in the princely state of Rajasthan, studded with hill forts, battlements and fortifications. Then travel to Agra to explore the huge walled city called the Red Fort of Agra, from where the great Mughal Emperors ruled the sub-continent. The Taj Mahal is, of course, a wonderful highlight of this trip.

Your journey of a lifetime begins in New Delhi. Few places on earth combine beauty, history and escapism to such dazzling effect as the great city of Delhi- the sprawling and fascinating capital of India. The title “A Tale of Two Cities” is apt as Delhi bridges together two different worlds. The Old Delhi, once the capital of Islamic India, contrasts with the British-built centre of New Delhi. On this journey, you will scratch the surface and discover a land sprinkled with dazzling gems of India’s “golden” legacy.

You will start your adventure by driving to the city of Jaipur. Jaipur, founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, is a dusky pink pearl sitting elegantly on the edge of the desert. Rose painted Mughal palaces slope to the old town’s bazaars, filled with textiles and jewellery.

Next drive to the Mughal city of Agra. Once the most important city in India, it was subjected to a great deal of ambitious architecture. Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire, introduced the first Persian garden on the banks of the Yamuna River. Romance is in the air as we arrive at the Taj Mahal at the brink of dawn. Discover a love poem in stone as you behold the sight of the sun striking its glowing cupid arrow onto the dome that radiates like a giant golden trinket. Taj Mahal cannot be left out of India’s Golden Triangle! The finest example of archaeological brilliance, it is the country’s most famous attraction.

Traveller Eleanor Roosevelt said that its white marble “symbolises the purity of real love.” The Taj was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as the resting place for his beloved Queen Mumtaz Mahal. What else but great love could have inspired such outstanding beauty?

Later head towards Delhi enjoy an evening at leisure or start exploring the India Gate and Cannaught Place. Next day visit Old Delhi and the immense Jama Masjid, the greatest mosque in India. Also, visit Rajghat – memorial of Mahatma Gandhi & go on a rickshaw ride through the silver street in Chandni Chowk.

New Delhi offers a fascinating contrast: here, you will walk the wide, straight boulevards and past the monuments of the Empire. Walking the imperial residence, Rashtrapati Bhavan, to the mighty arch of India Gate, designed by Edwin Lutyens in the 1920s, the eternal flame burns day and night to remember the soldiers in the Indo-Pakistan war. Continue to the Laxmi Narayan Temple, Humayun’s Tomb and the Qutub Minar. Another highlight is the Bahai Temple with its lotus dome.


Executing a Successful Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is part of East Africa region also referred to as the great lakes or the horn of Africa region. This East African country is not only incredible but is the largest of the East African countries. Tanzania has some of the world’s most amazing attractions as she is blessed with an awesome array of nature’s own wonders. Tanzania is home to the highest free-standing mountain in the world, the Mount Kilimanjaro and together with her neighbor Kenya plays host to the largest mammal migration in the world, the Annual Great Migration. An Africa safari in Tanzania is one exploration you wouldn’t dare miss nor plan wrongly.

Why Choose Tanzania

For an African wildlife enthusiast, a mountaineer or one who has an interest in culture, an African safari in Tanzania is just not a paradise and a historical pot, it is the final African safari lovers haven. With the Big Five in the ‘garden of Eden’. Proper knowledge and good planning is essential if you want to have fun in this heaven.

Research on Tanzania

The starting point for your Africa safari in Tanzania would be doing a little research on Tanzania, Go through articles on-line, guide books, attraction and what to do when in Tanzania. You can also talk to family and friends who have been to Tanzania to get a proper advice. You will also get several safari companies online who can help you with the destinations you need to go to.

Best Time to Go

An Africa safari in Tanzania offers one the opportunity to see the great migration. Depending on where you want to see this, timing is very essential. In June, you will be able to see the great wildebeest migration moving from Tanzania to Kenya, this won’t be a good view as you will be seeing them from behind. At the end of October and early November, the migration normally goes to Tanzania and being at Serengeti during this period will most definitely give you the best views. For those who would like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the months of January to March, July – mid-October would be proper as these are not rainy months.

Dressing Code

An African safari in Tanzania is not an official business to have ties and suits around. It is time to relax and loosen up. What is the best way to do this than have some light clothing and clothes that can dry fast. As for colors, neutral tones which that blends with the natural environment around you is proper. A good warm jacket/ Jumper would help with the areas that could be chilly especially in the mornings and evenings. As for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, warm clothing will be necessary. As for climbing equipment, you can hire them on arrival.

Getting To Tanzania

Tanzania has 3 international Airports, Kilimanjaro International that is 70 kilometers from Tanzania safari capital Arusha, Mwalimu Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam – the economic capital and Zanzibar Airport in Zanzibar. If you will be doing wildlife or climbing the Kilimanjaro, you will definitely land at Kilimanjaro International Airport or Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and travel to Arusha by road. If going to Zanzibar, you can possibly go there directly or have a connecting flight from Nairobi, Mombasa, Arusha or Dar. One can also get to Dar by cruise ship from Mombasa or Dar es Salaam.

Visa for internationals is a requirement for one to enter Tanzania. This varies between US $ 50 – 100 depending on your country of origin. You can get this from an Embassy, high commission or consulate near you early enough or on arrival at the entry point.

Security and Personal Safety

Just like any other city, one should avoid walking at night or carrying valuables around. Seek advice on places to go alone from your guide. When on Tanzania safari keep your eyes peeled for any wildlife around your accommodation and camp sites where you set up, don’t walk alone to your room or tent at night or when visibility is low.

Local Greetings come in Handy

Grab 2 or 3 words, they might come in handy in some places. Greeting is very important in Africa and is a sign of respect. Learn some Kiswahili greeting words. This not often makes the guides, traders, lodge staff, border control personnel and the park staff comfortable to serve you but might just get you some discount with a trader or favor with children and is often appreciated. The effort is always much appreciated.


Tanzania shilling is the local currency, however, there are other major currencies that are in use in major hotels, curio shops, and banks. This includes the US $ and the British Pound among other international currencies. There are Forex bureaus and banks where you can change your money to local currency.

Bargain and Haggling

Do not be scared to haggle on the price as this is common in any country in Africa. It will just make you get the best at a bargain.

Enjoy Yourself

For some of us, a safari is a way to know the world, to make new friends and learn about others in order to appreciate them, their tradition and culture. You can not do this without having fun and sharing the experience with new people from all over the world.


All You Need To Know About Bicycling In Spain

Spain is popularly known for bicycling, both with tourists and the local people. Regardless of your age, there is an array of bicycle tours in Spain to choose from.

There are various easy and gentle rides through vineyards as well as the exhausting steep trails of the Spanish Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada in AndalucĂ­a.

Well, If you are living in Spain and looking for bicycle tours then you may search as Bicycle Tours Spain and you will get various results where you can easily find out your perfect tour company.

The right time to go

AndalucĂ­a and rest of southern Spain are often hot during the summer. Autumn and spring are considered the best to take up cycling vacations. If you plan for cycling in Spain during summers, it is recommended to explore northern Spain.

– December through February – Cold in central areas and northern Spain and can be wet in the northwest. The ideal time to explore southern Spain.

– March through May – Most likely the ideal time to discover most of Spain. Southern Spain isn’t hot yet, but you can get cold spells.

– June through August – Extremely hot in the high mountains and central Spain is deserted of tourist because of heat. The ideal time to explore the beauty of coastal areas.

– September through November – Although hot during September, but cools off during the later months. Consider enjoying at coastal areas. The temperatures are bearable in the north and central Spain.

Food & Lodging

When it comes to bicycle tours in Spain , remember, the whole nation shuts down every afternoon for almost 2 to 4 hours for a siesta. The majority of services and stores will be inoperative throughout this time as well as on Sunday.

So, it is recommended to plan ahead according to this timetable. You can choose from a wide assortment of options for accommodations such as Pensiones, Hoteles, Hostales, and Casas Rurales.

The rooms in Pensiones will possibly not incorporate a private bath and air conditioning. They may have a sink but no towels. The rooms will be small-sized in contrast to the hotels. Spain is full of affordably-priced hotels that incorporate air conditioning and private bathrooms.

Moreover, most of these hotels have an English speaking person. However, Hostales are known for nicer, air conditioned rooms with a private bath. Casas Rurales are rural or country houses that can range from a room in a modest house in the middle of nowhere to a stately manor.