It’s Hard to Imagine Ending a Day at Magic Kingdom Without ‘Wishes’ Fireworks

The fireworks show – Wishes is one of the most breath-taking night-time experiences that Magic Kingdom Park of Walt Disney World Resort has to offer. It’s the star of the evening and a big-time fan favourite as well. Throughout the fourteen long years of its incredibly successful existence, Wishes has been an important part of the overall Disney experience. Debuted in 2003, this favourite castle projection show offers the most impressive settings to celebrate and wind up your most memorable Disney trip for the day. Whishes’ popularity is such that nobody wants to say good-bye to the Park without visiting this one of a kind Magic Kingdom night-time event.

Fireworks has been an inseparable part of Walt Disney World since inception. Over the years, with so many changes and upgrades it evolves into a major night-time experience that we don’t want to miss. Without seeing the fireworks it seems the day at the park is incomplete. And undoubtedly Wishes is one of the finest offerings in this regards. It has all the ingredients of an amazing Disney tradition that will never cease to exist. Whether it’s the fantasy flight of Tinkerbell from the castle every night or the amazing themes, songs and characters, the larger than the Park fireworks display or the state-of-the-art performances every night, Wishes brings together the best kept fantasies that Disney World has to offer.

However, like its predecessor – Fantasy in the Sky, Wishes too is followed with a new and most anticipated successor – Happily Ever After. The new fireworks show replaces Wishes starting May 12, 2017. The new Show inspires guests to experience their happiest dreams ever, featuring latest projection mapping technology, including original animations and a great theme song. Packed with many new characters and moments from favourite Disney stories such as Brave, Big Hero 6, Moana, Zootopia, Aladdin, Princess & The Frog and more, the new show takes the night-time experience to next level.

The Happily Ever After is truly a dream come true offer for those who are serious about productions going up behind the Castle. But for the Wishes loyal the advent of this new night-time show leads to many fond memories. There are fans who thinks nothing can replaces the Wishes, while there are others who thinks end of Wishes is end of an era. The Show is so deeply connected for some that it brings to life their most memorable Disney moments from childhood. For some the Show is a sweet reminder of their most favourite family moments. Again for some Wishes is the highlight of the entire trip, while for others a Disney trip is just an excuse to watch the Wishes.

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A German’s Quest for the 60th Summit in the World

Last October 11, 2014, I had the chance to climb with Markus Hogenschurz a German engineer whose passion of scaling every highest mountain in every country around the world.

On this climb, it was his 60th Summit, and it was an honor to climb with a seasoned climber like him to the roof of the Philippines.

We started our day at 5 AM with a bus ride for an hour and then transferred to a chartered motorcycle locally known as “Habal-habal” up to the trail head in Baruring. During this ride, he was amazed on the mode of transportation that we took and says that people living in the are exceptionally extraordinary.

We arrive at the trailhead around 8 AM in the morning and right away started the trek.

My assistant Roy and I observed that our guest is really in good shape for he does not take a single stop during the first hour of the climb and just smiled at us.

On this trip, I can say that this guy was a fast trekker since we arrive at the last village in Tumpis for less than 45 minutes and then head straight to the jungle trail.

We had our lunch in Camp 1 around 11 AM and then continue to trek after few minutes.

On that same day, we arrive at the boulders part around 1:30 pm in which we saw the rock face of Mt. Apo slowly covered with fogs.

We decided to camp in the 87 degree campsite when we reach that part around 4 PM since the weather was not good and a chance of sunset was slim at that time.

Early in the morning, the mountain showed us his beauty by giving us good weather, and we ascend to the highest part of it with blue skies and majestic scenery.

On the center peak, Markus did some treasure hunting since there was a geocache on that area and he found it and signed his name on the small logbook.

After visiting some summits in the peak, we go back to our camp site, had breakfast and head down for home.

On our way back, we trekked the West side of the boulders to see a different view, and it was nice since it was all clear and we can see the beautiful view of Davao City, Davao Gulf and some islands in it.

Climbing with a veteran outdoorsman like Markus is an honor and we were able to arrive back in Davao City afternoon of October 12, 2014, safely.

Engr. Albert C. Gabriel is an Electronics & Communications Engineer by profession, but his passion is adventure, nature, and photography.

A mountaineer for more than a decade, a surfer for seven years and created the Telecommunications Ecological and Adventure Klab ( TEAK) in Davao City.


Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland

Even the most experienced travelers will assert that Iceland is incomparable to any other country on the planet. The incredible beauty and strength of its natural elements make Iceland unique and vibrant.

Why should you be planning tours to Iceland? Here are some reasons:

Northern Lights

Due to its exceptional geographical position, Iceland Tour is one of the best tours in the world to experience the aurora borealis. These mystical solar lights impressed anyone who has seen them for thousands of years. It is an indescribable spectacle of nature that you will not be able to forget.

Fantastic landscapes

Iceland has recently become a popular destination for directors to film their blockbusters. The country has been the location of famous films such as James Bond, Batman Begins, and Oblivion with Tom Cruise and even Games of Thrones. The lunar landscapes, ice lagoon, and other wonders, are indeed helping to make the country the ultimate travel destination.

The divine natural hot springs

What would Iceland be without its natural hot springs? Adored by both visitors and locals, hot springs are places where everyone can revel in and appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Even better! You can enjoy it throughout the year and literally everywhere, given that there are hundreds scattered across the country.

The adventure!

Planning tours to Iceland bring together the finest treasures of our planet earth: volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, small Scandinavian fishing villages, fjords, desert, black sand beaches etc. en route for adventure! You can also fully appreciate these Landscapes during a horseback riding on a typical Icelandic horse or during a hike on the most typical trail of the Land Mannalaugar world.

Nature in its pure state

Pure water, fresh air and geothermal activity that respect the environment make Iceland as the ideal destination to absorb all the strength and beauty of nature.

Its capital city Reykjavik

Its capital, Reykjavik, is absolutely charming, pleasant, sure, trendy and bubbling with energy! The city is full of colorful Norse houses, stylish cafes and charming local shops. Moreover, the architectural jewel of the Harpa, the beautiful bay, and the dominant Esja Mountain contribute to add an irresistible magic to the atmosphere of Reykjavik.

The Icelandic geniuses

Icelanders are happy people! Iceland has been one of the top 10 countries in the world for years. This is not surprising, given that the country is based on a developed economy, an excellent health system, long-established peace and a much-unpolluted environment. The icing on the cake is also the most egalitarian country in the world for women!

It’s not so cold!

Due to its geographical position, there is a tendency to think that Iceland is a very cold country. This shot needs to be wiped out right away. The current flow of the Golf Stream, which originates in the Caribbean, flows to the Icelandic coast, which contributes to greatly moderate its climate throughout the year. As a result, in winter the temperature in Iceland rarely falls below -5 degrees. So you can be assured that it is much, much, colder in Montreal or New York!


How Do You Get a Ferry to Phi Phi From Krabi?

Phi Phi is one of the best islands in Thailand that you must visit. It is made up of six astoundingly beautiful limestone island in the stunning azure blue Andaman sea. The six islands include Bida Nok, Bida Noi, Koh Phi Phi Don, Mosquito island (Ko Yung), Koh Leh and Bamboo island (Koh Mai Phai). The islands are located at about 45 km from the Krabi coast.

They have beautiful beaches with great atmosphere and ambiance for relaxation and sunbathing. These islands are also dotted with awesome limestone mountains, dramatic cliffs that seem to rise from the sea and gleaming tourists facilities to give all the comfort that you needs.

Getting from Krabi to another place you have two options: Ferries and speedboats. Ferries are the most popular mode of transport because they are comfortable, convenient and quite affordable. In fact, it is pretty easy to get a ferry to this place from Krabi town than anywhere else in the Andaman Sea. For a distance of 45 km, the ferry takes about 90 minutes to reach here.

In Krabi, you can get a ferry at the main Klong Jirad Pier to the south of Krabi town. The pier is a 30-minute drive from the Krabi airport. To get a good seat on the ferry and to avoid any logistical challenges along the way, make sure you make arrangement to reach the pier at least an hour before the scheduled departure time of your ferry. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to the pier.

Another Ferry from Krabi is the Koh Lanta ferry that drops and picks up travelers at the Nopparat Thara pier (Ao Nang pier) on the Railay Beach in Phrang Nga. The journey time from Ao Nang to Phi Phi is about two and a half hours. When you book your ticket for a ferry from the Nopparat Thara pier you will get a free bus pick up from the Ao Nang beach passing through the beautiful Railay E West beach. The Ferry also has a shot snorkeling stop at KoPhai for those who enjoy the sport.

The ferry between Krabi and Phi Phi are in operation during tourism the high season that lasts from October to May. If you are traveling during the low season you should make arrangement for other modes of transport because the ferries on this route are not reliable given the low number of travelers and the strong winds that often cause unpredictably large waves.

To get ferries from Krabi, it is important that you consult ferry companies for a ferry schedule during the planning face of your holiday. The timing of your travel can have a major bearing on whether you get a ferry to this place or not. This is because ferry schedules are known to change frequently and it is always important you keep yourself updated with such changes. You also need to factor delay time in your schedule especially when traveling during the high season when everyone else is also traveling between Krabi and Phi Phi.


Five Things To Consider When Going on an African Safari

According to a report by Euromonitor International, safari travel has gained a momentum in the recent years. And a positive sign is that the trend is expected to continue in the coming years as well. So, if you are going to plan an African safari, my friend, you are not alone. People from all the corners of the world flock to Africa with an intention to experience jaw-dropping nature and breathtaking wildlife. However, before you embark on an African safari trip, you need to be prepared for the wild of Africa to make sure that you feel joy and excitement to the fullest.

I have been to Africa two times. And to tell you the truth, I really enjoyed my trip there. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you the top five things to consider when you are going on an African safari. These tips will help you live up to your high expectations.

Without further ado, let’s discuss these tips:

What to pack

You should carry a sunscreen (SPF 15 and above), polarized glasses, a hat, a sturdy binocular, a camera, memory cards, extra batteries, and other essential things. And when it comes to clothing, you should pack comfortable, layered clothing that can protect you from the sun. Taking the clothes that can be worn multiple times is a smart decision. If you are going to take a walking trip, don’t forget to carry heavy hiking boots. A complete list of what-to-carry will be given to you by your travel company.

When to go

Usually, it’s better to plan your trip during a dry season because the animals would flock around the few water resources due to the scarcity of water. And in the dry season, you can easily travel on dirt roads. This won’t be possible in the rainy season.

Where to go

My friend, Africa, being a large continent, offers many places to visit. And each place has its unique set of culture, nature, and wildlife. If you are going for the first time, it is advisable that you should explore one of the most popular safari reasons in Africa, such as Masai Mara National Reserve, Chobe National Park, Etosha National Park, etc.

Where to stay

As African safaris are popular among people, there are plenty of accommodation options available for travelers. You can choose from a five-star resort hotel to an outdoor luxury camp. If you really want to feel African wild, I would suggest that you should stay in a tree house.

How to get around

If you are a first-timer, I’d recommend that you should opt for guided safaris. You will be driven around in a Jeep with other travelers. If you wish to feel the real thrill of Africa, you should go on a horseback. Also, you can choose a walking safari. So it all depends on your choice.

My friend, consider these points, your African safari will be awesome.