A German’s Quest for the 60th Summit in the World

Last October 11, 2014, I had the chance to climb with Markus Hogenschurz a German engineer whose passion of scaling every highest mountain in every country around the world.

On this climb, it was his 60th Summit, and it was an honor to climb with a seasoned climber like him to the roof of the Philippines.

We started our day at 5 AM with a bus ride for an hour and then transferred to a chartered motorcycle locally known as “Habal-habal” up to the trail head in Baruring. During this ride, he was amazed on the mode of transportation that we took and says that people living in the are exceptionally extraordinary.

We arrive at the trailhead around 8 AM in the morning and right away started the trek.

My assistant Roy and I observed that our guest is really in good shape for he does not take a single stop during the first hour of the climb and just smiled at us.

On this trip, I can say that this guy was a fast trekker since we arrive at the last village in Tumpis for less than 45 minutes and then head straight to the jungle trail.

We had our lunch in Camp 1 around 11 AM and then continue to trek after few minutes.

On that same day, we arrive at the boulders part around 1:30 pm in which we saw the rock face of Mt. Apo slowly covered with fogs.

We decided to camp in the 87 degree campsite when we reach that part around 4 PM since the weather was not good and a chance of sunset was slim at that time.

Early in the morning, the mountain showed us his beauty by giving us good weather, and we ascend to the highest part of it with blue skies and majestic scenery.

On the center peak, Markus did some treasure hunting since there was a geocache on that area and he found it and signed his name on the small logbook.

After visiting some summits in the peak, we go back to our camp site, had breakfast and head down for home.

On our way back, we trekked the West side of the boulders to see a different view, and it was nice since it was all clear and we can see the beautiful view of Davao City, Davao Gulf and some islands in it.

Climbing with a veteran outdoorsman like Markus is an honor and we were able to arrive back in Davao City afternoon of October 12, 2014, safely.

Engr. Albert C. Gabriel is an Electronics & Communications Engineer by profession, but his passion is adventure, nature, and photography.

A mountaineer for more than a decade, a surfer for seven years and created the Telecommunications Ecological and Adventure Klab ( TEAK) in Davao City.