It’s Hard to Imagine Ending a Day at Magic Kingdom Without ‘Wishes’ Fireworks

The fireworks show – Wishes is one of the most breath-taking night-time experiences that Magic Kingdom Park of Walt Disney World Resort has to offer. It’s the star of the evening and a big-time fan favourite as well. Throughout the fourteen long years of its incredibly successful existence, Wishes has been an important part of the overall Disney experience. Debuted in 2003, this favourite castle projection show offers the most impressive settings to celebrate and wind up your most memorable Disney trip for the day. Whishes’ popularity is such that nobody wants to say good-bye to the Park without visiting this one of a kind Magic Kingdom night-time event.

Fireworks has been an inseparable part of Walt Disney World since inception. Over the years, with so many changes and upgrades it evolves into a major night-time experience that we don’t want to miss. Without seeing the fireworks it seems the day at the park is incomplete. And undoubtedly Wishes is one of the finest offerings in this regards. It has all the ingredients of an amazing Disney tradition that will never cease to exist. Whether it’s the fantasy flight of Tinkerbell from the castle every night or the amazing themes, songs and characters, the larger than the Park fireworks display or the state-of-the-art performances every night, Wishes brings together the best kept fantasies that Disney World has to offer.

However, like its predecessor – Fantasy in the Sky, Wishes too is followed with a new and most anticipated successor – Happily Ever After. The new fireworks show replaces Wishes starting May 12, 2017. The new Show inspires guests to experience their happiest dreams ever, featuring latest projection mapping technology, including original animations and a great theme song. Packed with many new characters and moments from favourite Disney stories such as Brave, Big Hero 6, Moana, Zootopia, Aladdin, Princess & The Frog and more, the new show takes the night-time experience to next level.

The Happily Ever After is truly a dream come true offer for those who are serious about productions going up behind the Castle. But for the Wishes loyal the advent of this new night-time show leads to many fond memories. There are fans who thinks nothing can replaces the Wishes, while there are others who thinks end of Wishes is end of an era. The Show is so deeply connected for some that it brings to life their most memorable Disney moments from childhood. For some the Show is a sweet reminder of their most favourite family moments. Again for some Wishes is the highlight of the entire trip, while for others a Disney trip is just an excuse to watch the Wishes.

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Bucket List: The Ancient and Magical Kingdom of Morocco

There are so many amazing places to visit in the world, but just about everyone who travels to the ancient Kingdom of Morocco raves about their experience.

Morocco is a mix; it’s full of Roman ruins and World Heritage sites. It’s got thousands of miles of coastline along the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The High Atlas Mountains are a wild swath of rugged adventure land; the Berbers who are the indigenous people of North Africa have lived in those mountains for 10,000 years. And of course, there’s the mystical Sahara Desert… no-mans realm of nomads and spice traders.

It’s also completely modern with five star hotels, world famous restaurants, nightclubs, universities and endless shopping for magnificent, colorful, artful decorations.

15 years ago, the airports had squat toilets and the Berbers in the mountains had no running water or electricity, but all that has changed. Unless you travel far off-grid, you will experience the comfort of the Western world in regards to accommodations, food, entertainment and the necessities of life. That being said, you have myriad options to choose from; you will be welcomed to sleep and eat with a Berber family if you so desire, or you may opt to enjoy the comforts of countless gated golf resorts along the ocean.

There are activities for every personality. Golfing on exquisite courses… shopping in an ancient souk… trekking the Sahara on a camel… windsurfing… cooking classes… off-roading… mountain climbing… and so much more. Morocco has in fact become a sort of “playground of the wealthy” because it is relatively affordable and convenient to Europe, the Middle East and New York.

One of the reasons to visit Morocco is the incredible diversity of humanity that you encounter. As a flight hub for both Europe and Africa, there are sub-populations of West African, Chinese, Indian, French, middle Eastern, Jewish and increasingly American people. Casablanca and Marrakesh have become melting pots where it’s now just as convenient to get burgers, pizza and sushi as it is a chicken tagine or lamb couscous.

(Sometimes, while traveling, one gets tired of local food and craves a taste of home!)

The geography of Morocco is somewhat similar to California. The High Atlas Mountains, a natural barrier to European invaders, also acts as a barrier to the Sahara Desert. West of the mountains is pure agriculture, all the way to the ocean. Oranges, olives, almonds, grapes… it has literally become a food basket for Europe and more often the US (as the population rejects California radiation contaminated food). Moroccan wine is of the highest quality and there’s plenty of it! However it’s difficult to find Moroccan wine in other parts of the world; it’s said that this is because Moroccans drink it all!

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